Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Beautiful Night!

Last night was magical!  Everyone who was invited to the wedding was also invited to the rehearsal dinner which was at THE BEST restaurant EVER!!!
Cafe 30A
If you've been down here, chances are you've eaten there or atleast driven by a few times.
The lucky couple Leslie and Mason will be tying the knot today!!!!
aren't they just beautiful?
now, I was just obnoxiously snappin away so get ready!!!
J and I couldn't decide which of these we liked best so I just posted all of them :)

on to the party!
Leslie's brother in law Greg talking with my Greg!
 we had lots of fun kids there!!!!
 Jordan and her beautiful cousin Lauren
 Jordan, "W" and Mimi and Daddy Bob


 how simply adorable!!!!
Lauren and Austin's beautiful oldest daughter Caton

 how old are you Evey?
 The two dads discussing.... not sure??
 Carol and Joe
 Leslie's twin sister Allison and fiance Patrick.  They will be getting married in February!
 lucky me got to join the gals!!!
 Our waiter also entertained the kids!!!

 I had the honor of holding special little "Lily".  Born I think around 1lb 6 oz.
"W" bonded with Lauren's youngest boy Colby.  Smartest kid I've ever been around!
 kiss cam!!!

 yummy desserts!

 and finally check out this cutiepie!!!!
Have a great day y'all!


  1. Your niece Caton looks a lot like your daughter Callen. Great pics!

  2. Funny! I thought the EXACT same thing!!!!

  3. I love seeing all of your fam pics, they are so cute!! I also LOVE Jordon's coat!! Where is it from?!! So cute...

    1. Hi Rayne! Thank you for the compliments!!! Jordan got her coat 3 years ago at Anthropologie. I'm afraid they probably don't have it anymore though. Sorry, but I'll tell her you think it's cute!!! :)
      Have a great day!