Saturday, January 26, 2013


No not art.....however, I may have some art for sale.
See, there is this facebook site.  Brilliant idea that someone has put together.
You have to be a member.  I thought I was done with sorority life.  OH WELL!
Anyway, what you do is you have to be a member of this page and then sell your stuff that you don't need.
It's called Mountain Brook Trading.
The catch is, you have to meet in Mountain Brook to make the sale.  Well sortof.  I think people skirt around that rule.
 I am at the point in my life that I like to call it "replacement" items.  Meaning I will be replacing anything that sells.
So, since we are moving, this is right up my ally.  And you know what?  You wouldn't believe what you get for this stuff.  Atleast half if not more than what you paid for it!. Bodabing! (wait that HAS to be spelled wrong :)
So, J and I decided to post pics on the site and have a little big sale of our own.  Do you realize just how much stuff that I have that I don't use?  A couple of years ago I got on a serious designer shoe and handbag kick.  You know, I'm at that age that all that stuff really doesn't matter to me.  Not that I'm letting myself go, it's just stuff.  Just stuff.  You younguns will get there one day I promise.
Give me a house, an art studio, a few nice dresses and shoes....oh and I'll NEVER part with my jewelry, especially my pearls and Chanel handbag.  Stuff I want to hand down one day.
So, I'm going to show you stuff that's going to be at the sale!  E-mail me if you are interested in anything and can come to the show on Wed!!!!
Have a great day y'all!
OH wait!  I DO want to show you my latest painting first.
Name?  Fifty shades of Green!!! (great name huh?)
Will be available at Trinity Spotlight on Art.
40 x 40 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
now,,,,on to the sale!


Please, please, please don't comment on here.  If you need info on the sale please e-mail be at
Sale is Wed. 9 - 12 in Vestavia!
Thanks and have a great day!


  1. Oh Kendall, your new painting is gorgeous - love the colors!! Like you, I am trying to get rid of all of my clutter and things I don't wear...paring down feels good!! Heading to Beaufort to get some paint colors picked...getting your room ready!!

  2. thanks girly!!!! Can't wait to see it!!!!

  3. Your 50 shades of green is so pretty! Good for you for doing the closet editing. You have some great items;)