Monday, January 14, 2013


Okay, I looked at my blog today and realize I haven't blogged in 5 days!!!
I've been at Scott's and was slammed y'all.
Great time for all!
I have to say that everytime I paint something similar to these two paintings...SOLD.  I'm thinking this light, kelly green with hints of aqua might be a new trend.  Not aqua, not like a deep green, it's almost a mint color. Really, really hard to replicate or match. And not the strong aqua that I have been painting.  So just a piece of advice for all you collectors out there.  If you see this color, snatch it up.  Goes great with grey and of course brown is a staple.
I swear, it's all I should paint.

I've got a blog I really want to write but need to do some research first.....I've got two problems.
My nails are too long and are irritating me while typing....ohbehave.
my computer is giving me problems WHILE I type.
SO....give me a few.
have a great day y'all.  soggy in the south!

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  1. So, so beautiful - just love the color palette!! So soggy here today too - rained cats and dogs...