Thursday, January 31, 2013

Howdy Y'all!

What a week!
Grab a cup a coffee and let's talk.
First of all, I have realized how easy it is to get rid of stuff.
Sell it.  What's left, pack it up and donate it.
and let me tell ya, we had a hugely successful sale and barely made a dent.
Today?  I am packing everything up and donating it to Hannah House/King's Ranch.
I refuse to "give my stuff away" to people who can afford to buy it!
Get ready, I'm on a roll this a.m.!

Okay, I'm going to get on my soapbox here.  If you disagree with me, sorry....

Gun Control...
Lot's has happened this week with guns.
I am a believer in the right to bear arms.
Like this....
I don't, however, believe you need this....
seriously?  I mean why do you need an arsenal in your possession?

I believe that we have GOT to do something about the problem of mental illness in this country.
I believe that a lot of doctors dole out WAYYY to many prescription medications and are being careless caretakers not getting to the root of the real issue.
I believe that families are turning a blind eye to family members that are struggling with life's issues.
I believe that we need to recognize the problems of this country and take control of the REAL problem.
The person behind the gun.
If it wasn't a gun, it would be a knife, or a physical altercation.
I would like the right to protect myself against these individuals, not cower down to them.
However, I don't need a machine gun to do it.
That's just what I believe!

This week 10 minutes away from my hometown a bus driver protecting 21 students was shot and killed and a young 6 yr. old boy was taken hostage.  Last I heard, the 66 yr. old man (with obvious mental issues) was still holding this precious life....
In a bunker that he dug behind his home.
They are communicating through a PVC pipe.
I know this is a touchy subject, but.....
When are we going to wake up America and do something about this?
This is just what I believe.
What do you believe?

Have a great day y'all!
Pray for little Ethan

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  1. Okay now I have to get on my soapbox. In Canada, we have stricter gun laws and although it doesn't eliminate all the problems, you will see that the cases of mass shootings is much less than in the US. US's gun laws are part of the problem, I believe...
    Yes, it is sad that there aren't enough resources out there for those with mental illnesses and yes, it is an ILLNESS. Something needs to be done to help those with mental illnesses and their families. I don't think that the families always turn a blind eye but rather have no help and seldom have anyone to turn to, including their own family. There is a stigma associated with mental illness so many want to ignore the person with the illness. Would we treat someone with MS or another illness in the same manner?! And just because a person has a mental illness does not mean that they are violent...I am praying for that little boy and the family of the bus driver.