Friday, January 4, 2013

A Trip Down 30 A

I woke up this morning to a cold but glorious morning!
At one of my favorite places in Northern Florida, Watercolor.
Thank you my sweet friend for letting us use your house!  You da best eva!!!
We are here for our nieces wedding.
I'm just sitting here blogging waiting for everyone to arrive.
So, I decided to drive down 30 A and take pics of everything I love about this part of the country.
Now, first of all when I was little, we would drive down this part of the country.  Land here was dirt cheap.  I mean you could probably get a beach front land for around 40K.  Now it would be about 2 - 3 million.  Wish my parents had had a ball to look into the future at that time!!! We would be RICH.
Which is probably what the developers are!
I took pics to give me so ideas of things to paint!!!

 sitting here at Watercolor...
 relaxing looking at this!
 One side of the boat house
 the other side of the boathouse!

 the Rosemary bridge
 Their are tons of bikes to rent this time of the year!
 on to Seaside
I'm gonna paint this church
 this nice man took my pic!
 on to Grayton Beach voted most beautiful beach in the US

 loved this house!

what I love about Grayton is it's virtually untouch...and a little hippie!!! favorite.  Alys Beach..oh be still my heart.

 everything there is white.

 and then some ultra rich individual has to build this right across from Alys Beach
obnoxious. (in my huble opinion)
love this!
 this is how to relax!
 on to Rosemary Beach
 this is were Jordan and Eric were married and it was simply magical!
 and there ya have it!!! See why I love it so!!!
Have a fabulous day y'all!  My fam just got here!  yay!!!

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