Thursday, January 3, 2013

Irritated at Niemans!!!

Over the holidays I knew the grandkids were gonna come visit "W" and me.
I knew that Ever's and I (and J) were gonna go to the Nutcracker
I knew Ever's and I were gonna go to lunch with Elizabeth.
I went to Niemans and bought Ever's a couple of adorable dresses.
One was this one

It wasn't that I wanted to spend a lot of money on the dress, it was just that I wanted her to have something special that I wouldn't see everywhere.
turns out that Niemans has "teamed" up with Target and is selling this exact same dress.
and I mean EXACT!!!!
And not only that, it is now 1/2 price.
I'm really irritated and stunned.
I guess it does mean that Target will have cuter things for little girls which is a good thing, but, so much for Ever's having something that is special.
oh well!!!
have a great day y'all!
I'm at the beach and it's raining....ALL DAY!!!


  1. I can certainly understand your frustration, but surely you didn't think you could find a dress at Neimans's for $59.99? And it had the Target/Neiman Marcus label in it! I was very disappointed with the Target/Neiman Marcus collaboration. They could have done a much better job and anyone who shops at Neimans's (people like you and me) don't want something you can get at Target and the average target shopper doesn't even know about NM. I was in there and a girl asked me, "who is Neiman Marcus?" I just giggled to myself and realized how spoiled I have been....
    By the way, i love reading your blog. You remind me so much of my mom! -Rikki

  2. To the anonymous comment above "why shouldn't others have a chance to buy something beautiful for a little girl even when money is an issue. Shame on snobs! Who gives you the right to dictate what poorer or money concious people can buy. Maybe buy the cheaper dress and donate the rest to a worthy cause."

  3. Dear anonymous,
    My name is Rikki.i wasn't trying to hide behind an anonymity. I'm sorry if I came across that way. I am pretty sure I was more excited than anyone about the Neiman Marcus/Target collaboration! I am a shopper of both stores and was so excited about it. My only point in what I said above is that a lot of people who shop at NM (more of the Kendall Boggs, not really me), don't want to buy something there that they can also get at target.i definitely understand that. So sorry I came across that way and I really contemplated not even responding, but felt that I needed to! Hope you have a great day!

    1. No problem, Rikki. I just happen to know a lot of struggling families with young children so it's a sensitive subject for me.

  4. There are so many problems in the world and this is what makes you mad? Sad.