Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey There!!

Do I have any readers left?
The fact is, I've been packing for THE MOVE.
Yep, and I am clearing out. 
It's just amazing how much stuff you accumulate.
Instead of throwing stuff away this time though, I am giving away and selling SOMUCHSTUFF!!!!
I'm ready for a new clean slate. 
No more junk clothes that I don't wear.
No more "stuff" that I don't use.
From now on, if I buy something, it will be to "replace" something I already have.
So, this weekend was such a fun weekend!!!
As most of the people in the country know, Atlanta made the playoffs!!!  Only to have been taken down by the 49ers yesterday.
We had so much fun though!
I have never been to a Falcons game, so this was a first for me!
Larry and Sis came to visit, and provided us with wonderful club seats.
And we got to go to the owners box during half time!  How fun is that?

 um,,,,there were quite a few characters there.....


See ya later!!!
have a great day y'all!!

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