Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Where in the world have I been???
My goodness!
I've really been a slouch to be honest...NOT.

The truth is.  And this is a really funny story.
(well, to me it is)
you know I'm kind of a klutz.  Which is really weird because I'm really pretty athletic.

So, last Tuesday night (like 8 days ago) I did a show with a group of girls.
Fun, cute, darling, sweet girls.
In Buckhead.
In the show was a rep from a new line of pants called 
Hold Your Haunches.

um y'all.
I couldn't wait to buy a pair.
I forked out the 149.00 and bought a pair of these amazing pants

These were shown on Shark Tank and were immediately picked up by the QVC lady (who I love BTW)

So.  I decided to do a before and after.

Well, I don't have a full length mirror (probably why I've let my a** get so huge).  So, (put on a pair of regular leg gins and stood on a stool in my bathroom that had a top on it. (hard to explain).  To take a backwards selfie in the bathroom mirror)
(I'm NOT going to show you how bad my butt looked)
Any way, the top of the stool shifted, I lost my balance, and I rammed my right arm (my painting arm) in to the wall next to it, did a 360 and literally wiped out on the tile floor below me, landing on my titanium hip.
Y'all, I'm serious, it was a pretty bad fall.  But, cell phone still in hand. WTW?

I was like, oh, oh, oh, I'm really, really hurt.  I'm serious.  So I scraped myself up off the tile floor and waited for someone to come help me.
But no one was home.
I wish you could have heard the moans.

Hip was great, shoulder,,,,not so much.  Was pretty sure I had torn my rotater cuff.
Actually I was positive.  And for a right handed painter? Not a good thing.

Any way, I got better.  Better enough to don my Hold Your Haunches pants, and go to the full length mirror outside of our condo and take a backwards selfie.

So, I (really, y'all I'm crazy), I put the before and after on FB.

Um, I'm almost insulted at the reaction.  I mean people were ordering these things right and left.
People said I looked 5 sizes smaller!  Really?  Ok, the piling on was a little ridiculous.

My fault for putting myself out there right?

So, since I'm all about promoting women's businesses and empowering women, I wrote the owners (who are from Macon, Ga) an e-mail with my before and after.
They put the pics on their fb page.

People were saying I photo shopped the pics.  I mean, I was honestly starting to get insulted.

Anyway,,,back to the shoulder.  Went to the dr.
Deep bone contusion, but hip is great!

and, even though I can't lift my arm more than half way up, nothing that a little drugs and physical therapy can't help

BACK to the giveaway....

I am hand painting these wonderful wine glasses!
These are 22.00 each, or 4 for 80.00

I am giving away 4 of my turquoise and gold stemless glasses.
These are perfect for the holidays or you can re-gift them ;)

How to win?

Just leave a comment below.

1 chance - leave comment

2 chances - put on FB, twitter, instagram

3 chances - blog about it!!!
and, I beg you...
PLEASE leave your name and e-mail address!

Winner will be announced on Black Friday at 6 p.m. CST and will ship out on Monday!

Oh, and I've got some really, really exciting news!!!

I have hooked up with my very favorite blog My Design Chic

If you don't already follow them, they are the bomb.
Award winning mother/daughter team who put out the BEST STUFF EVER!!!
they now have an on-line shoppe where you can buy the stuff they blog about!
By the way, the glasses come in four colors, and all different sizes.  White wine, red wine, champagne, stemless and martini.
(My giveaway is only for the ones shown.)

On Friday, My Design Chic will be doing a Flash Sale showcasing my new items (including my wine glasses)
and other items that I have started making.
Be sure and hop over to see them and tell them I said Hi!!!

Don't forget to 1) leave a comment, 2) shout out on FB, Instagram, Twitter, whatever other social media outlet you use, 3) Blog about the giveaway!

Have a terrific day today and the rest of the week!
And, a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


*be back Friday*


  1. I would love a set of your glasses! I want to try some glass painting myself sometime. Not enough hours in the day! Hope you and your sweet family have a great Thanksgiving!

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  4. Oh my gosh, not only are you talented, but you are hilarious. You are a true modern day southern woman. Thanks for another chance to win and goodluck to everyone that enters. Y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  8. My word!! That sounds like quite a spill-- I would've helped you up, but can't promise I wouldn't have been laughing-- I can't control myself when people fall!
    Would love to win!

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