Saturday, November 1, 2014

Whew!!! What a Week!!!

Just when I think my weeks are gonna get easier, SLAM!!!
This one's been a doozy!
Well, actually just the past three days have.
First of all SO excited.
I decided to just try and take my SIM card out of my camera and put it back in.
BAM it is now working!
I really am the happiest person in the world.

SO, Thursday my sweet, fun, and totally awesome tennis team made it to the City Finals of ALTA.
If you live in Atlanta, you know that this is a pretty big deal!
and so is decorating the table.....and the food....and the drinks....

After a really good stretch, my partner and I went out on the court about 12.
5 months after total hip replacement (I might add)
only saying that because my doctor, Dr. Thomas Bradbury with Emory Spine and Orthopaedics is really the best doctor that you can get your hands on.

About 2:45 sweet partner and I lost our match in the third set.
It came down to us.

I really hate to loose.  But, life moves on.
We did, have a great table though!!!

Yep, moves right on to a 2 hour and 45 minute sprint over to Bimingham.
Traffic was a total nightmare y'all, getting out of Atlanta.
As a matter of fact, the week of Halloween Atlanta puts out traffic alerts everywhere.

so, get to Bham, give myself a "spit" bath and head out to take Evey to her Fall Festival at school.

With her and oh about 2,000 of her closest friends.
OMG, Nightmare on Grandma Street was all I could think of....
Honestly, I thought the school was over the person limit and was a fire hazard.
I was sure I was going to be stampeded at any moment by about 200 "Elsas".

That's Evers dressing up as "Matilda Jane"

okay, that done...

back home to watch to of the most despised coaches in America sock it out on the Football field.

Great game BTW, and wish that Louisville could have pulled it out because I'm one of the many
Florida State/Jimbo Fisher EX fans....

ok, Friday, up and at em to help J with the other two kiddos Fall Festival at their pre-school.

J is in charge of the social calendar this year at their school and she did just a terrific job!
I am so proud of her and had to take many, many photos!

These three photos are of people that I call "the doers in life"

The "behind the scene workers"
SO so so important.

Is there anything cuter than a two year old little girl who says "No" to everything??? Then laughs and says "poo poo tee tee"

ok, hop in the car, go get four new tires on the SUV and off to New Orleans for the half marathon.
And NO, I'm not running in it....
"W", however IS!!!
He has been training for about a year now, and has also lost about 40 lbs!!!
SO proud of that man! (and he looks just SO HOT!!!)

Crossing over Lake Pontchartrain (had to look up how to spell that sucker.

packed ourselves in a tiny lil cab

and off to dinner

This soon to be daddy hates to have his pic made...

and then in a flash..

a big grin...

He's also a new Rugby player and was telling "W" about how it's played.
Also like MAJOR proud of him for loosing about 40 lbs and buffin it up.
He did it by doing Advocare which I'm about to start on myself.
Contact ME at for info
I will keep you posted on my progress.
Please guys, hold me to this...

After snapping a few shots we hit the sack!!

um, yep...

Just heard "W" get up and we are about to head out for the half!!!

Have a GREAT day y'all!!!

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