Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fam Fun!!!

How much fun CAN New Orleans be?

This place is really SO awesome!
Great food, beautiful homes, terrific music =
what more can you ask for?

That is why we chose the Jazz Fest as our half marathon destiny.
(wait, make that THEY chose)

I don't run.
I won't run.
I never WILL run.
and if you ever see me running it is probably because someone is chasing me.

So, our day started like this.

Let me explain because everyone was wanting to know the meaning of the shirts I had made.  People were thinking "oh, look, that must be a bible verse in memory of a lost family member or friend!!!"  They must be running for someone or a cause.
That is Gregory's time that he ran in this half-marathon 2 years ago....
He had not trained.
and was really a great sport about me plastering his time on all of our t-shirts!
But hey.  He ran it.  AND he finished!!! More than I can say for me!!!

"W"s only goal was to beat this time...

the g-kids nickname for "W"

it was really super early.

I had to snap this pic.  Loved these girls helping their injured friend finish
(in record time btw)

There were lots of characters!

Haha and Boo also finished in record time!!!
and waited for Bean....

They also got quickly swept away by the New Orleans live affiliate here in NO who wanted to know what their t-shirts meant.
So, they did a live interview.  Gregory and I walked up and they interviewed us!  It was so hilarious.
So, while Gregory was telling the story about his time being 3:04.25, I saw "W" about to cross the finish line!
The camera panned over to catch him crossing!!!  At about 2:46.
Y'all, it was so stinkin funny.
Perfect timing and we cannot wait to see the news footage!!!

Later at lunch, Gregory was missing sweet Ames!

I don't think I've ever tipped a street performer until yesterday.  This duo was really, really amazing!  I also loved the diversity!

Then we saw a street wedding!!!

I have a feeling this couple is going to have a super fun life!

When you go to NO, you must visit a tacky souvenir shoppe.

and then we hit a bar and celebrated with a little bubbly!

By that time, neither one of us could walk back to our hotel!

So we took a Rickshaw.

What a fun, fun, time!!!

have a great day y'all!

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