Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Can This Kitchen Be Saved???? YES it Can!!!!

Well y'all.
Christmas has literally come to me at the end of August/first of September.

no really.
I'm like OVERTHEMOON ecstatic.

Here's why.

Well, 12 years ago we bought a condo in Atlanta.

3 years ago "W" decided that retirement at Reynold's Plantation was really not for him.
(it wasn't for me either)...hehe

So.  We sold our what we thought was our "dream" home and moved back to our condo in Atlanta.

The condo really needed to be updated but
1) I didn't have time to do any type of renovation and 
2) I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it since really, I wasn't sure how long we would stay here.

So, in my spare time, I tried to put lipstick on a pig.
That's really, really not too nice because honestly, the pig is a pretty nice pig.

Now, with that being said, I think those of you who have read my blog for a while now know how much I love to cook.  LOVE IT.

The cabinets in our condo are seriously the cheapest melamine condo grade cabinets that I've ever seen.  Just yuck.
While they work fine, I hated my kitchen.

Here it was when we moved back in....
notice that it didn't even have moulding on top of the cabinets. (who does that?)

So, about a year ago, I tried my best to fix this up a little.  I love open cabinets, so I took a lot of the doors off and tried a different shade of lipstick for my pig....
Here we go...
took the cabinet doors off
BTW. when you don't have cabinet doors, you may not like the look, but I will tell you, my lazy ass loved not having to open a cabinet door.
...oh goodness
then I added crown molding to the top of the cabinets

but first added trim to that wierd space above the microwave.
(which since it is at eye level, I'm sure I'll have a brain tumor one day)

and I simply changed the knobs and pulls

So, "W" has known for a while that I hated the way our kitchen looked.  I probably told him that every day!  I'm kidding of course, but really, he was reminded a lot.

For my birthday, he took me to Home Depot because he was sure we could get the best deal EVER by using HD.  Again....neither one of us wanted to spend a lot of money on something that we may not recover when/if we decide to sell.

So Home Depot came on out.  Wow, were they ever business like.  All I was interested in really was resurfacing my cabinets, that's all.
The guy said "yes, we do this ALL the time...and it's half of what it cost to replace the cabinets!!!"
y'all we are talking 57 linear ft. of cabinets.  That's it.

The price quoted?
Get ready for it....
I honestly wish you guys could have seen my face.  I mean really, I try not to look stunned when folks shock the hell outta me, but really I was not refacing cabinets in a million dollar home.
I really, really came close to using my really strong titanium leg and booting him the heck outta my condo.
I put an ISO "in search of" someone who could paint my cabinets on my 11,750 member FB page that I administer.  It's a trading site but on Wednesdays I let businesses advertise.
In comes truly the most magnificent, talented human being I've probably ever been around.
Suzanne Burgess.
First of all, I honestly didn't think melamine cabinets could be painted.
Suzanne assured me that they could and she came by to take a look.
We clicked like butter on a piece a toast.
I was headed to Napa and she said "Kendall, I'll do this while you're gone"
Like do it all.  Take down an ugly, oh MG, U.G.L.Y. light box, add 4 recessed lights, two light fixtures (great find if I say so myself...), paint all the ceilings, fixed some drywall that looked kinda rough, primed and painted my cabinets, installed a new microwave and then saved me more money by painting my knobs.

Take a looksy....

we had no place to keep our 15 cases of wine that we gotslightlycarriedawaywithbuyinginNapa
I don't understand what makes you buy so much wine when you go to Napa....

this is only half of what is still being delivered....
and "W" came up with this great storage idea!!!
Not sure where we are going to put the other 15 boxes that we're expecting.....

 so, here are more shots

now, Suzanne did all of this...but the clincher was the new countertops and backsplash.
I know that Cararra marble is not the smartest thing to use on your countertops.
But....I'm dumb like that.  And really I don't care....I love the look of it, everything about it.
Add to that a simple white subway tile.
This was provided by another lovely member of my group
Kylie Kremer
her family's company is 
True Source out of Atlanta.

They do it all.  I mean everything.  If I was doing new cabinets, flooring, or anything else, that's who I would use.  SO incredibly easy to work with.  Like just unreal.

So, let's recap...
after me trying to fix
and then after the REAL professionals do it....

All done for under 6K.
No, I'm serious.

Suzanne Burgess' contact is:
(just a note....if you paint your melamine cabinets, you MUST find someone who does this professionally)
If you don' will regret it.

I'm a happy woman!!!

have a great day y'all!

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