Thursday, September 10, 2015

Watercolour Lovin!

I have never thought that I would ever be a watercolour painter.
Like, I really don't even [normally] like the look of watercolour art.

But for some strange, and really pretty insane reason, I decided to try to do some watercolour paintings (a week before we leave for Round Top, Texas)
I really just wanted to have something more affordable in my portfolio.
and now I'm obsessed.
I simply love, love, love groupings of pictures in rows both vertically and horizontally.

Like these examples:

Suzanne Kasler



framed intaglios

Erika Powell with Urban Grace

so, since I love groupings, I decided to try my hand at painting watercolours.  
And, I'm not really sure what I didn't like about them!
For Round Top I am going to have about 30 original watercolour paintings that will be framed.
I will also have about 60 giclees that will be matted.

These are some of what you'll see!

Hope you guys have a terrific day!!!


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