Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Welcome to Round Top!!!

Well....we left Atlanta one week ago today.

I will tell you that Lisa Moore is a rock star for putting this trip together for us.
She literally found the information, made the contacts, found someone to build walls, put together all the bills and accounting and has worked her tail off.

I now know why she loves to paint horses.

Because she herself is a workhorse....
Along with that, for 3 women all over 50 to take on what some would consider an intimidating challenge is pretty neat.

I just thought this pillow I found was pretty neat.
May have to go back and purchase this.

we actually came out about 3 days too early.
But we are learning for next spring.

Business has been spotty since we set up.
Mainly people perusing the shops, making notes and taking pictures of items.

We've had tons of those people.
And really great feedback.

Today actually starts the BIG start of Round Top.
From what I have heard from many folks, there will be about 500,000 people who will come through the 10 or so miles of tents.
(ps....our tent is the best....)

No, I say that with a wink, but I truly believe that.

Arbor Antiques Tent D

Our booth is square in between a guy who I believe will have so many people in his booth that they won't be able to move.
Awesome industrial furniture that he designs himself.
The other side of us is just absolutely gorgeous European antiques.

So, Clara and I took a little time off to look around at a few other locations.
Took a few pics of some of my faves!

my first purchase...don't hate.

I think this awesome table sold the first day. love.

Clara and I relaxed at the most fabulous linen shoppe I've ever been in.  Seriously.


love again.

I want this truck. (or to at least paint it)


just a portion of the industrial furniture guy.  This was when he was just setting up.

y'all wouldn't even believe the great prices on these covered headboards

This is probably my favorite thing I've seen here.  This is a narrow oval table.  Haven't seen anything like this and I'm predicting this style will be knocked off soon.

these next items are from a darling couple who is staying in the B & B where we are staying
Just beautiful items.


this is another artist here from Baton Rouge

I just thought this was funny.

SO wish I needed these.

another industrial item.  A wine table

Check this cool thing out.  One of the artists had this and I'm about to go on amazon and buy a bunch of these.  It's a cell phone necklace.

reminded me of my grandmother!

again, don't go hatin because I purchase this great bag.
(hey, I'm hand made)

  This MASSIVE Dutch piece is just simply amazing.
I think it's from around circa 1720.  price tag? 17,500.00 (I might could get you a discount though)

okay, tips

if you come to Round Top

*wear THE MOST comfortable shoes you own
*wear the coolest clothes you own
*make a plan of where you are going 
*make notes of what you are looking for
*wear sunscreen


Have a terrific day y'all!!!

Wish us luck!!!


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  1. Kendall- I can't tell you how CLOSE I came to going to Roundtop next week!! Unfortunately, having just been away, I didn't feel I could swing it. Looking at your photos makes me feel.....arrrrrghhh! Oh of these days! xoxo from Santa Barbara! SP