Sunday, September 20, 2015

Round Top, Part ONE!!!

So, I think we left Thursday. or was it Wed?
That's me, Clara Blalock, and Lisa Moore
(who's birthday is TODAY!!!)

SO....we piled over 200 pieces of art in a really tall van to head on out to Round Top, Texas. something you guys would never in your wildest dreams believe.

We left Atlanta at 6:30 a.m.

hum.....1 hour accidental detour and 15 (at least) potty breaks on my part
(next time I'm wearing a depends ;))
driving over probably 100 miles of bridges in Louisians.  y'all.  um if you have a fear of bridges?
Don't go through Louisiana.  I'm serious.
oh, and don't get me started on the 1000's of billboards about casinos.  They even have them at truck stops.....I'm serious.
we decided to refrain ;)

 now....i love to gamble....but...

We finally arrived in Texas guys should see the gas refineries.  Lit up like Christmas trees. SO beautiful!!!
Then we finally made it to Houston
pretty tired let me tell you.....
and it was very dark
The absolute WORST construction I've ever in my life seen.
no really, I think they are trying to be the most high tech highway system in the country.
The overpasses look like this
the game "Mousetrap" came to mind for some reason
seriously scared the crap outta me. (and I was following Lisa and Clara in the van)

and SIXTEEN hours later

We finally arrived at PEACE...

here. a cabin in the country

with a barn...

and a cow.

 and forgive me for getting  a little hummingbird picture taking obsessive....

I am now a true "cowgirl".....
(hiding my BIG hair)

we had to have walls built that were not painted.
SO, we went and got paint and painted ALOT of walls.
I think we used 7 gallons of paint.


but we endured and hung

and hung.

and hung...

and hung

Now, today will be our final day of setting up.
Thank you baby Jesus.

You guys should see Lisa Upchurch Moore's and Clara Blalock's work.
It is just simple AMAZING.

I'm pretty happy with mine too!

Especially over 100 prints of my watercolors

signed and numbered!

Come see us!

Arbor Antiques
Tent D
Round Top Texas

Have a terrific day y'all!

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