Monday, April 19, 2010

Evey and me!

Gigi got the pleasure of having the love of her life this weekend...all to her [sort of] self!
Jordan and Eric went to the Braves game this weekend with a bunch of friends. They decided to come on out here to the lake during the day. Mr. W. was at a golf weekend with buds so guess what? I got Eves all to myself (at night)!

there's just something about waking up to this:

and seeing this: "NO"!

and watching her learn to float (and her lovin it!)

and taking her to Walmart to buy this.....

she loved the waterfall!

almost as much as she loved running away from me!!!

So then,,,,Mr. W. comes home...and steals her away like a thief in the night..

and we decided to go have a little Mexican delight for din...
So I asked Jordan if Evey liked Mexican (she's 19 months). She said "oh she loves it" so off we go. Well, she was like a dumpster diver into the salsa. I wish you could have seen her! Totally uncontrollable. It was everywhere dripping off her earlobes, all over her dress....this was after it had dried and I had wiped her up a bit...

Then came the cheese and burritos....

I'll spare you the diaper.....
it's going to be tough sending her home today :(

have a great day chickies!


  1. i love that evey had a bow on in the pool! such a lady! also, loved the picture you made kim for her baby shower, it is beautiful!

  2. She is just precious! I agree with Allison, the picture was gorgeous! You are so talented!!