Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Act of Kindness and a giveaway!

Today I went to mail a package Fed Ex. While I was in there a gentleman was shipping a bunch of Master's gear to his family. I noticed a pink baseball cap (that I have been coveting) and jokingly said "I want that cap!" Well, he said "here it's yours"!!!! OMG I was just stunned! I can't tell you how bad I wanted a 2010 light pink Master's cap! Then to top it off he said "would your husband like one? and handed me a khaki one for Mr. W!!! I'm just still overwhelmed by his "Random Act of Kindness"....

SO...I have to pass it on.....
I am going to give away a painting!

This painting won Honorable Mention in the popular Hampton Art Gallery juried art show and is one of my favorites

"In the Arms of the Angels"
18 x 18 framed. Gallery price is 425.00

I'm going to keep this going till 6 p.m. oh Sunday, April 18th
I want you to tell me something nice someone has done for you lately!
Then I'll choose


  1. Over the weekend some friends of our brought us dinner "just because" after we had a long day of working in the yard!!! Only in the SOUTH!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that painting! I actually love ALL your paintings! I would love for my 5-year old who has a passion and gift for drawing and painting to learn about oil paintings! Maybe I can find a local class for her!!!! Thanks for sharing your gift!!!

  2. The nicest thing anyone has done for me is that my mother, Mildred Wages, has been the most wonderful mother to me for the 50 years of my life. She IS an angel. She is 85 years old and on a very regular basis she bakes treats and takes them to friends who are in the various nursing homes around Dothan, Abbeville, and Headland. Some of her friends have Alzheimer’s. One of those friends asked her one time, “Mildred, when I don’t know who you are, will you still come to visit me?” Mother said “yes” and, of course, continued to visit that friend until she died. I could go on and on and on about the things she does for others. I've never met anyone who, once they found out she was my mother, didn't tell me something she had done for them. Mother is one of those special angels that God put on earth to take care of the rest of us. She would love your “In the Arms of the Angels.”

    Beth Johnson

  3. How nice of that man - I bet that made your day! And the painting is gorgeous! This may seem like a little thing, but it means the world to me: each evening, my husband takes it upon himself to set the timer on the coffee maker. Then, in the morning, I smell the wonderful aroma and go downstairs to pour two cups of java. It's such a great way to start the morning and, in a way, it's a loving gesture between the two of us. Although, I realize that's not really random, it's more of a regular thing between us. But, it's a small act that I've come to love.

  4. Wow - what a sweet man and how nice you are passing it on! i will do the same today! Here's a story about what recently happened to my sister. She went to her son's baseball game up in Dunwoody and on her way needed to get gas. She filled her car, went to the game, and as she was about to come home, her daughter in the car with her wanted to stop by Starbucks. She reached over and realized she left her wallet on car bumper when getting gas and it must've fallen off. She was sick to her stomach not because she just bought that really nice wallet nor because she just earlier that day withdrew money at the ATM. But, more for the trouble of needing to cancel and get new everything - drivers license, credit cards, insurance cards, kids pictures.

    Anyhow, she considered as maybe someone who really needs the money will find it and perhaps sell the wallet and put the money to good use. When she later came home, there were 4 college students in her driveway who found her wallet and decided to bring it back to her - with all of her stuff in there. They were driving back home and when they found the wallet, decided it was better delivered in person than mailed. To my sisters, these college guys were her Angels that looked out for her that day as her pictures of her children are so invaluable!

  5. you need to post a picture of you in your awesome masters hat!
    something someone has done nice for me lately involves the possible sale of my house. i know now is not a good time to try to sell...but we thought we would see. so i called up a vendor at work and they said we are so good to them, that wanted to return the favor and give me a nice real estate "for sale" sign for free. that was amazing...and really helped us save, especially since are just "trying" to see whats out there. it was very kind and out of nowhere. If i win...i will have to pass on the kindness...i need to think of what i would do! :)

  6. I have been in need of a new wheelchair for quite awhile. I'm an amputee who uses a chair all of the time. I've had a Chip-in on my Blog for awhile, but as times are tough for everyone, only a small donation has been given. But, the amount does not matter, it's the Love from that persons Heart that Blesses me! I'm still Believing that God will provide that badly needed wheelchair. And, I Believe that there will be more money than I need!! I will be "Paying It Forward" to a family that is adopting a child with Special Needs, through Reeses Rainbow! I can't wait! How EXCITING is that PINK hat! Blessings ~ JO

  7. I love the painting so much! You are so talented.

    My husband, Raleigh, and I are in the process of adopting our first child from South Korea. I teach kindergarten and my sweet teacher friends bought shirts and necklaces from Each purchase helps us raise money to bring our treasure home and it also feeds a child in Africa. Then, my friends surprised me and all wore their shirts to school. It was such a sweet gesture of support in so many ways!! You can see a picture on our blog at


  8. This piece is GORGEOUS! I recently received a gracious comment at work about my practice as a PNP. It was costless yet touching and made my week!

  9. i learned "how" to receive many years ago from a very wise lady at oak hill school. i was talking with her and she had this cute little snow globe on her desk. i said my son collects those, where did you get it?? she said here, it is yours. i said oh no, i was just asking, i couldn't take it, bla bla bla-- she said, "karen", it is my pleasure to give to you and you need to know the gift of accepting!!! miss roxie is still my angel on earth!!!

  10. Oh, I am SO NERVOUS. I want one of your paintings hanging where I can see it from my desk SO desperately!

    Random act of kindness? The first thing that comes to mind is Husband's grndfather. We call him "Dandy" because he is so FULL of fun. But, the last year or so his health has deteriorated considerably.

    Well, in the midst of our move from Charlotte to Greenville, he and the whole family were shocked when a doctor found a cancerous lump in his throat.

    Then, a week later we got a card in the mail. A "Welcome to your new home in Greenville" card from Dandy. We couldn't believe with all he had happen that week he remembered to send a housewarming card to our new mailbox.

    To top it off, he wrote the most beautiful, poetic, Scripture-based personal note inside.

    It always amazes and inspires me when people remember to commit "Random Acts of Kindness" on their worst days.

  11. I absolutely adore that story. Those moments are so lovely and remind you of the kindness and joy that people have.

    As I was unloading my three kids out of the car (one of the hardest parts of being a mom, i swear.) A man walked by and could see that I was struggling and reached in to his pocket and started putting money in my parking meter for me. He smiled and told me he remembered how hard those days were and thought he'd help out a little. It really moved me and instantly put me in a joyful and appreciative mode. I'll never forget it.

    You do the most unbelievable work. I would be so thrilled to havet his painting. Thanks for YOUR generosity!

  12. After lots of debating about whether or not I wanted to decrease my chances of winning, I linked to your giveaway :)

    It was hard, I tell ya. Very hard.

  13. Oh, my. OH, MY. I love these so much, and it goes so beautifully with the colors in my home. Thanks so much for the chance to win such an amazing and meaningful piece!

  14. Forgot my "nice" act-- I have to say it goes to my husband. I got a terrible eye infection out of nowhere two days ago. He's an attorney, and fills at least 15 hours of every day with his work on a good day. He dropped everything to keep our two sons (ages 1 and 3) all day long for me, drove me to and from many appointments, fed me delicious take-out, and went to the office after he put the kids to bed and stayed there well into the next morning, before coming home to make my coffee and my boys' breakfast. He was so thoughtful and patient and made me feel so very loved and honored.

  15. I just HAVE to share this with you! I left a comment about my need for a new wheelchair earlier. Today (04.16.2010) I received an email from some old friends (like 35 years ago we went to the same church and I haven't had any contact since then) old friends! They are buying my new wheelchair! What a "Wonder-Full" Random Act of Kindness. God IS so good. Hugs! JO

  16. this is easy.....after my sweet Buddy passed away on March 3rd...a blogging friend..who i have never even met in person..sends me a HUGE box of pet loss books...i asked if i could pay her.NO WAY she says..just pass it along to someone else in need some day. and i will...but this wonderful person has been in daily contact with me..sometimes several times a day..asking how I am doing...she knows i am alone...a complete stranger...who is now a dear friend...all for the loss and love of a honor her i am naming my new puppy after her dog. i get him in 5 days..and his name will be TEDDY.....

  17. Our family was going out to dinner last night and then to Kroger to get some "sugar" cereal for "sugar cereal Saturday." The kids were all whining and arguing and I told them I wasn't interested in going inside a restaurant with whiny kids. They didn't stop, so we turned around to go on to the grocery. Ellie went ballistic. I asked her to stop screaming, or she wouldn't get to go to the grocery store either. She didn't she went home with daddy while her 3 siblings went on to the grocery store. She was hysterical crying. Of course, my heart was so broken and I wanted nothing more than to scoop her up and bring her with me. But I HAVE to teach her that you cannot throw a fit to get your way. the grocery store, her big brother (9) saw the flowers and said, "mom, can we get some flowers for ellie?" So he went to pick out some beautiful purple (her favorite color) flowers for his sad little sister (6). She was SO excited to receive them, but not as happy as he was to hand them to her when we walked in the door. They are now in a vase right by her bed. I think having 3 sisters is going to make a good husband out of that boy!

    Lindsay Swain

  18. Hey Kendall! What a great idea and an inspiration to spread the love. I LOVE your artwork!

    A couple of months ago I stopped at a drive thru starbucks. I was in a little bit of a hurry and feeling cranky because I hadn't had my morning coffee yet. :) There was only one car in front of me so I wasn't worried. I grew more and more cranky as I waited and watched the guy in the window pass cup after cup to the woman driving the car in front of me. It seemed to be taking forever! Just when I thought she was done, he came to the window with 1 lb. bags of coffee to show her and then shopping bags full of stuff. I was so annoyed wondering, why didn't she just go inside? This line is for the people who need something quick! Finally, she pulled away and I drove up to the window. The guy in the window handed me my coffee and said, "The lady in front of you felt bad that her order was so big so she bought your coffee. It's on the house." I was so shocked and humbled. I felt immediately convicted about my attitude. So I decided I wanted to pay for the person behind me. I figured why not pass it on? It changed my whole day. It's amazing what one random act of kindness can do.

    Love and miss you all!

  19. I love each and every one of these stories!!! Thank you all for posting! Please pass my blog on if you get a chance and pass on the "Random Act of Kindness" so we can keep it going!! This is going to be a really tough decision!!!
    Thanks chickies!

  20. I have an 8 month old son and you know how it goes...clothes just don't fit the way they used to. I've been making due with what I have and trying to save up some money for a new pair of jeans when out of the blue my husband just gave me the money to buy them. He said he knew how much I wanted them and wanted to do something for me that would make me feel better about myself! SO SWEET!!!

  21. Kendall! I had NO idea when you said "random act of kindness" that you were referring to this! How Funny! I really do hope you find the shoes..if you like them. They'll go on sale tomorrow online too if they're not in your store! I guess that could count as a random act of kindness? Haha, incase not... here's another. Ever since i've read your post I feel like I've been surrounded by kindness. Does that mean that I just haven't noticed it before? A few weeks ago, a couple of days before Easter to be exact, my husband and I lost our cat. To some, losing a cat isn't such a big deal, however we happen to be cat lovers and were very devastated. She's an indoor cat, and never EVER goes outside except for a little venture off on the front porch. Well one night bringing in groceries she went out and I forgot to let her back in. The next morning we looked EVERYWHERE, all over the neighboor hood for hours and hours and hours. I couldn't bear the thought that it was my fault and she could be stranded without any food or a place to go. We printed signs and put signs in everyone's mailboxes on our street. The very next day we did end up finding our cat, but for those who I put signs in their mailbox, they didn't know that we had found her. Just a few days ago I had gotten home early from work and heard a knock on the door followed by two door bell rings and another knock. I thought to myself, someone is in a panic or either really really crazy! haha So I opened the door and It was a little girl who lives up the street a few houses and her grandmother that she lives with. I had spoken to these two people the day we lost our cat and she told me she would look for her every day and call if there were any signs what-so-ever. I knew that she truly, truly cared and really wanted to help me find her. (how sweet!) So when she was knocking on my door and telling me she thought she found my cat with such wide eyes filled with excitement, I couldn't do anything but say oh really?! I had to play along. We walked across to her house and she pointed me to a cat underneath her deck and asked me if it was her. Sure enough, it wasn't her (ours was home) but I just thought it was so kind of her to be on the lookout. No one in this day has enough time to think about doing something for others so persistently! Not even me. She told me she had been out looking for forever. I then told the little girl I would make her some bracelets to thank her for all that she had done. The bracelets are on my blog if you want to take a look, as well as the full version of this story. I hope you've had a good weekend!!! Pick me! :)

  22. A friend of mine, Andrea, found the sweetest miniature manger scene at a garage sale. She brought it to the office, where we work, and when she showed it to me...I got tears in my eyes. It's so delicately made, small, fragile and very beautiful. Andrea told me she was going to give it to a small child one day but wasn't sure who was going to receive it just yet. Christmas came and went and then my birthday arrived on December 31st. Andrea came into my office that morning FULL of joy & holding a beautiful gift bag. My birthday present! Inside the bag was a jewely box...inside the jewely box was the most precious manger scene you have ever seen. I could not believe she had given this to ME! We both broke out in tears and had a big warm hug. Every Christmas I put it out and remember that special birthday gift. One day, I will give it to a small child.