Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I got Demoted then Promoted

Thank goodness I didn't have to drive the film crew around for the
Chick-fil-A Classic Golf Challenge......they realized I didn't have a valid driver's license....
They made me the "meeter and greeter" of all the coaches and their "famous" partners!
How exciting is that?????
I even got to spend some quality time with this person...um recognize him?

ESPN film crew was just all over him....but he was very gracious

His partner Steve Sloan (sweet Steve) gave me a kiss on the cheek....oh be still my heart.

Mr. W was the scorekeeper for Georgia Tech. I love this pic of him and some of the other volunteers.
more volunteers!
Dabo (cutie pie) Swinney is one of my favs
Cutie pie had a pretty nice swing too!
along with Sterling Sharpe oops I mean Natrone Means who hammed it up for me
will the real Sterling Sharpe please stand up?????
he had a pretty darn good swing
Vandy coach Bobby Johnson was there!
Then came the fun and only Steve (fashion citation) Spurrier
I caught a nice pic of his a-- um behind (there's Sterling)
and then there was this guy! Monte Towe
and Houston Nutt really is a Nut!
What a fun morning I had!!!

I also met Jimbo Fisher, Terrell Buckley, Paul Johnson, Jon Barry (who knocked it oh about 330 yesterday), Bobby Johnson, and sweet Jim Grobe and Billy Packer from Wake Forest just to name a few.
Why did I think this was just SEC coaches???? oh well. This event will be shown in the fall and on Christmas day on ESPN!
oh by the way,,,,you have to try the spicy chicken sandwich....yummerlicious.
have a great day chickies!!!


  1. Always havin fun!! They were smart to move ya to the meet and greet part. Your perfect for that job. Glad the weather is nice.

  2. That is not Sterling Sharpe in the 4th pic. The real Sterling Sharpe can be seen in the Spurrier a$$ shot.

  3. oops sorry! That was Natrone Means! sorry!

  4. Kendall!....It was great seeing ya'll Friday! What a very special surprise!!!!! ALSO....wish I had thought about it....Paul Johnson at GA. TECH was Jarod's coach at Navy his first 3 years!! You could have told him "hi" for us :)) Know you had a BLAST!!! And meeter and greeter was soooooo perfect for you!!