Sunday, April 25, 2010

Excitement Galore!

Mr. W and I have something really exciting coming up!!!
Chick Fil-A has a golf tournament out here at Reynold's Plantation every year.
It consists of SEC coaches and their guests. A lot of times their guests will be SEC players from years ago. WELL....Mr. W was asked to drive a coach in a golf cart and I was asked to drive a film crew.
(the tournament is shown on TV I believe in December)
How easy it is to forget that 3 short months ago I smashed into the back of a golf cart (did some pretty major damage oh, and not to mention gave the golfers whiplash).... so I had to get some golf cart driving lessons. Still, they wanted me to do it! Not sure they really know how bad I am....
Anyway, on top of that, we have the honor of having 5 of the people participating in the tournament stay at our home.....that, I [think] I can handle

The monster.....Obsessive/Compulsive Kendall comes out TODAY (the tournament is Tuesday)

so.....what do you do when people whom you don't know at all stay at your home?

you pull a Martha Stewart I assume.

So, that's what I'm going to do.

I do know this will be beside their bed at night...

Milk bottles with water and mint inside.

you can find these and really cool selections of bottles here:
as a previous designer turned painter, I decided to show you my house where everyone will be staying!

Our humble abode

we'll mostly stay here

and here....

and definitely here (where the food will be)

will the bedrooms matter???? I'll show you a few anywhoo....

couldn't get good pics of the others!
have a great day chickies and wish me luck!!!!

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  1. are you kidding me, your house is BEAUTIFUL!! You were/are totally a decorator and one with fabulous ideas! That's the cutest thing I've seen in a while. I'll dress up as a SEC coach and come stay, too! :)