Sunday, April 22, 2012

Elizabeth and Her Family

Okay guys, when I accepted my invitation to come down to Watercolor to be with E and her family.  In my wildest dreams I didn't know what I was getting and the impact it is making in my life.  I think "E" instinctively knew that I needed this for some reason.
Guess what? I am now an inducted niece into her family!
I am loving every moment of this.
Those of you who have read my blog for a while know that my mom passed away a year ago.
This trip is SO good for me!
Now, lets get this straight if I can.
Elizabeth has (I believe) 9 aunts! And I think they are all here! With a token hubby (who is a doll by the way)
They range from in their 60's to 80's and are the most delightful group of women I have ever been around! We all went to Fish Out of Water last night and even though it was a rainy day everyone had a wonderful time.  It was so fun watching every ones excitement as the next sister arrived.
"E" is a jewel to do this for everyone.
What a giver.
Okay, of course I took tons of pics last night!!!
Here we go
 "E" and her sweet mom Dorothy.  I love this picture!
 2 more aunts arriving!
 everyone at Fish Out of Water!
 the beach was beautifully strange looking!
 3 more aunts and Laura, E's sweet cousin
 what a tearful moment this was.  Aunt June had not seen the beach in 30 years.  She started crying when she saw it and everyone got emotional.
 What a sweetheart!
 I really wish you all could have seen this tender moment

 Laura and her mom!
 Three beautiful woman!
 and four beautiful woman!
most of the crew, we were missing a few!
Hopefully this weather will clear up and we will be able to enjoy the beach!
Have a wonderful Sunday y'all!

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  1. Lovely! I have 4 sisters with whom I am very close with. We have an annual girls'weekend away with all of us and 5 great friends. I hope that we continue this ritual well into our old age.So wonderful to see these sisters get together still!