Friday, April 20, 2012

Watercolor Bound and Don't Forget the Giveaway!!!

Today I am going on a VERYMUCH needed vaca!!!
My sweet friend "E" invited me down to her WONDERFUL beach home in Watercolor, Florida.
It will be her, her mom, her sister, her daughter, all of her fun, sweet aunts, a few other friends and moi!
I am SO honored to be included!  I simply cannot wait to meet all of her family and especially hang out with her sweet mom since mine is not here to enjoy.  I've really missed my mom lately and this little slumber party will be just what the doctor ordered for the tired and lonely in me.
Remember!  the contest for the dress ends today at 12 noon EST.  I will be in route to Fla. so I won't post the winner until tonight.  Scroll down to the giveaway post to enter.
And a big thank you to all of my bloggers who have posted the giveaway on their blog!  Especially my good friends over at Design Chic.  You guys rock!

Have a wonderful, beautiful day y'all!
you will see many fun pics in the day's ahead!!!

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