Saturday, April 21, 2012


I made it here in record time yesterday due to my idiot navigation system.  Took me some weird way and it took a mere 8 1/2 hours. (all to avoid going through Atlanta) (normally a 6 1/2 hr. drive.)
1) I've learned my lesson and won't look at nor listen to that B*&^%.  That's the only name I can think to call her!  And believe me, I've wanted to call her that many times.
2) I WILL go back through Atlanta on my way home on Tuesday.
Oh, I am in Heaven ya'll!
"E" insisted that I have the master suite!  
What a gift she is so me and everyone around her.
The rest of the crew comes in today, so we will be decorating for the slumber party!!!
Here's what cha walk up to when you get to her home.

 we dined at George's (yummers) at beautiful Alys beach

 A "Kendall" may go above this bed.  My minds a flutterin

 the downstairs sitting room
 the chairs with the nail heads blend perfectly with the white couches

 recognize those paintings???
 check out the wide plantation shutters.  Just one of the many details we chose.
 this plank flooring sold me on this house when we were looking at homes together
one of my favorites, the guest bedroom!
Where I got to get a fabulous night sleep!
BTW, I had the honor of doing all of the interior design work for the house.
It was a delightfully fun project!
If I could have "E"s all the time, I would go back into interior design :)
have a gorgeous day y'all!


  1. Those floors are awesome! Love them :)

  2. Georges...we will have to go back in a few weeks :)

  3. Kendall: Thanks for posting the WaterColor pictures of E's family and house.....and thank you for joining our crew. I would love to have these pictures including the pictures inside E's house. xo Claudette