Sunday, April 29, 2012

J's Birthday Part II

Oh what fun we're having!!!
I have gone from the beach with a darling group of women to the lake with a darling group of young ladies.  And that my friends is truly what they are.  Jordan and Eric have adorable friends and W and I have thoroughly enjoyed them!
I've been snappin away!
 most of the time all of them had their iphones goin constantly
 We played cornhole - what is cornhole?
 3rd try, right in the hole!!!!

 a beautiful bunch of girls!
 we dined at Gaby's on the lake
 there's Jessica and Holli!
 and part of the rest!
 the pool at the Ritz
 and the whole crew!
 Daniel and Eric made many runs for libations and food
 while I relaxed on the swing with my precious Cate!
 what's more fun than a bunch of young adult girls having "girl time?"
 then the guys had to break it up
 but not before I got to snap a few shots!
 the guys were still out there playing corn hole!  ALL DAY!
 precious Cate
 W relaxed on the swing
 and we both got some Cate lovin!
dinner? a feast!
Have a great Sunday y'all!

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  1. Kendall,
    We had the best time ever at your house! Ya'll are for sure the best host and hostess! Thank you so much for cooking for us and allowing us to invade your home for the weekend! Ya'll definitely know how to have a good time! Thank you again for everything and good luck at the art show! I can't wait to hear how many you sell!!

    Oh and I think you need to blog about your new nail polish color (that is if you will really wear it)