Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Little Fun!

With my babies!.  First of all, DON'T forget the GIVEAWAY!  Scroll down and enter! You have until Friday at 12:00 P.M. EST and I will be choosing with my random number generator!
So, last night was fun!  Back to Atlanta I go and J and E came with the 3 kiddos.
We did a little Mexican dinner for J for her 30th birthday which is coming up soon and neither W nor I can go be with her :(
Gosh 30!!! I really have a 30 yr. old?  Seriously folks, I know I am not that old.  The other day I caught myself saying I was 40 (and I really thought I was)  I'm serious!  Do you ever do that?
That goes along with the ridiculously strange dream I had the other night.  I dreamt that I was playing tennis on a pingpong table with my driver.  I kept saying to everyone "why can't I hit the tennis ball"!
What was sad was no one else thought it was weird.  On top of that there were oriental rugs all over the ping pong table.  I think I have too many hobbies.  Where was the art?  I was stressing out because I didn't have any art in the room.  Am I going crazy?
I am 52 by the way.
Anyway, back to our little soiree last night.  Do you know what a joy it is to have your grandchildren run up to you and be SO excited to see you that they hug and kiss on you all night?  OMG, if you are young, just wait.  If you are old (like I obviously am) it is a feeling like non other.
So, I of course snapped some shots!
First we dined at On The Border=yummy

One had some loot in it for sweet J to do some power shopping with me tonight!!!


It was stressing Evey out that Bennett was messing up the sugar packs.  She's a little OCD.
(get's it honestly from non other, than her GIGI)!

there's the loot!!! with sweet Cateness!

diggin some white cheese dip

again, diggin some white cheese dip

moving on to eating styles

Lil B eats everything sideways!  Drives his parents crazy!

Lovin G-man

Have a wonderful day y'all!
Don't forget the contest!!!


  1. Your art is so beautiful! Such a wonderful talented gal you are. I would be honored to have your artwork in my home.Carol Wiatrak

  2. What a precious, precious family...nothing quite like grandchildren as I have loved finding out. We put a little blurb in our post for tomorrow to come over and enter your fabulous giveaway...make sure to check it out!!

    1. Will do!!! Always the sweetest girls! Have fun at High Point! (jealous:)

  3. Have entered your giveaway but had to comment on the adorablte gbabies.