Thursday, April 19, 2012

Power Shopping

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Last night J and I did some power shopping.  In a whopping one hour we managed to do a little bit of damage.  BTW....Anthro has some FAB stuff right now and I wanted everything in that stinkin store.
So, here's what we found!
be still my "artsy" lovin clothes heart
and the back - how cute is that?

with that will go this.  I actually got it in a beige stone of some kind

and this:

I bought this and didn't have the energy to try it on.
I did this morning and it is absolutely adorable!  yay!!!!

the back is what's so special!!!

J scored this top!

we both got this top and then I had to splurge for 2 other colors

didn't see this, but I'm ordering it.  Love it!

and then everyone needs a pair of white jeans for the summer.
These looked adorable on J

We had a blast!
Have a great day y'all!  and don't forget to scroll down for the giveaway!!!


  1. i would wear everything you posted and am loving that back detail. i'll be getting to an anthropologie this weekend!


  2. Casual, comfy and pretty? Oh, this is all "me"!

    Loved this post, Kendall!


    Luciane at

  3. That first dress is my favorite ~ love everything! Casual, flowing clothing is perfect. Just popped over via Design Chic and so happy I did! What a wonderful blog and loved your bio. Looking forward to reading more!