Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jordan's Birthday

What fun we are having!!!
J was SO surprised!  Eric and Jordan got here Thursday night, (she thought they were spending the night and then going on some exotic vacation!) (hope she wasn't too disappointed!)  But then 2 couple friends showed up 30 minutes later!  How exciting!.  Now last night Jay and Holli and Jill showed up!
Yesterday was so much fun.  The girls just chilled and all rode on the pontoon boat.
Cate was a trooper also!

 precious kisses
 I found this cool pasta a Modica Market in Seaside and thought it would be perfect for a light lunch for the crew
 first I boiled it (of course)
 then drained it
 add chopped red onion
 and sliced cherry tomatoes
 a couple of cloves of smashed garlic
 a handful of arugula
 mix it all up!
 add olive oil and balsalmic vinegar to taste
 and feta cheese
mix it all up for a wonderful summer pasta salad!
have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. Baby Cate--- she makes me want to think about a third!!!