Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trinity Spotlight On Art!!!

Yes, I am still painting!
However, I will say that I was only able to deliver 6 pieces of art to this wonderful show!
That was all I had!
I have luckily sold everything else and quite frankly, my schedule has been wayyyyy too hectic to paint!
I don't even have enough art to take to Scott's this weekend!
Unless, I paint like a maniac all week long.
....I might....
Anyway, the first part of our move went smoothly!
I sold and gave away all of the stuff I don't use or need.
Part one of the purge.
and it sure does feel good!
Now, not this week, but the next we will be tackling part II and crossing the finish line.
Okay, Trinity Spotlight on Art.
The show starts tomorrow from 6 -9 p.m. and then goes on all week until it's culmination on Friday.
Over 300 artist y'all!
And I mean the best artists in the country.
Really neat to be a part of this event!
Here are some of what I am showing at Spotlight on Art!

Have a great day y'all!
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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