Monday, April 7, 2014

A Beautiful Party! Going Home

I love going back to my hometown.
And my trip back to Dothan, Alabama this weekend was no exception.

Dothan is this special little gem of a city tucked far away down south in the corner of Alabama.
The most Southeast part of Alabama that you can get.
It's known as the "LA" of the South.
Well, in name alone.
as in "Lower Alabama".

Quaint, beautiful, contagiously warm folks.
A wonderful place to raise your kids.
and, let me just tell you how beautiful the people are there.

I would be remiss if I don't mention the brilliant people who have come out of this little city as well.
Chock-full of doctors, lawyers, bankers, writers, artists.
Dothan has put out many, many very successful folks.  Many of whom attended school with me!
Even though I didn't realize it when I was in school (I was a horrible student), the school system in Dothan has always put out brilliant, successful people.

Anyway, Houston and Callen were graced this weekend with a beautiful party.
Houston's parents friends as well as friends of ours hosted this beautiful event.
To introduce the couple!
Known as "The French Quarter"
this venue was so cool.  Downtown Dothan is joining the ranks of other cities in revitalizing their downtown!

A beautiful high school friend of mine and friend of Houston's mom.  Tammy is also a wonderful floral designer!
doing magical designs with some of the native flowers Dothan has to offer
the wild hydrangeas are rampant right now in Dothan

the garden is perfectly appointed and the artwork at The French Quarter is stunning!

sweet friends Kathy and Sharon worked like crazy putting on a beautiful display!

We have been so lucky to get to spend time and get to know this sweet girl!

this is Alice.  My friend Becky's sister.  I. love. her.

they are talking about how everyone mistakes Callen for being one of Becky's daughters.  I can only guess that after you spend so much time with someone, well, you know, you just start looking alike! Or maybe your kids come out looking like your best friend?  I think some of her girls look like me!!! Well, that is just the best compliment I could ever give myself!
Becky and I were joined at the hip growing up and I miss her every day.  Oh how I wish she could have been there this weekend.

a fun, sweet, cute husband!
and his clone of a brother!

this is cute Dr. Tim.  A great guy and Kathy's other half!

 Becky's oldest, gorgeous daughter

and her handsome husband

Callen's new mother-in-law.  Can I just say that my daughter is VERY lucky?

we have quickly become friends with Houston's parents.  They are wonderful people.  It's funny to meet someone and just know that even if we didn't have the connection of our kids I believe we would still be friends!

the happy couple!

and again!

the wonderful host and hostesses!
Thank you so very much for a fabulous night!!!


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