Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Yummy, yummy Chicken Salad!

My cousin's sweet wife was looking for a Chicken Salad recipe on FB the other day.
For some reason I assumed I had done a blog on THE BEST Chicken Salad EVER.
I had not.
Anyway, here we go with THE BEST CHICKEN SALAD EVER!!!

What you need:

and this (be sure and clean out his insides)
side note.  Only use a whole chicken.  Chicken breasts or pieces just don't taste the same.  And I'm serious.
you are going to use this many walnut pieces
and about this many red seedless grapes.  Don't those look yummy?
while that sucker's this....until he is done....
split those grapes in half, like this...
when the chicken is done, he should look like this
When he is completely cooled, you are going to take all of the skin off and pull the meat away from the bone.  BTW save the broth and freeze it to make yummy chicken rice (another blog)
pile the walnuts and grapes on top of the chicken
this is the ONLY.  And I mean ONLY mayonnaise you should have in your pantry.  Throw all others away.
add as much mayo on top as you think you will like.  I like a not so much mayonaissy taste.  You however, may like more.  It's just up to you!
mix it all up and salt and pepper to taste.
then serve it up!
It is just that simple!

have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. Thanks for sharing! just the other day I was wanting some homemade chicken salad, so I will give this a try!

  2. I would like to know about how many servings this would be? I want to do this for a book club meeting. It looks perfect!

  3. Hey Shar! It is enough for 12 - 14 depending on how large your scoop is!!!