Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Do's and Don'ts for Your New Vitamix!

Now that I'm a Vitamix pro (teehee),
I am going to give you some do's and don'ts to make your Vitamix adventure easy and fun!

Vitamix Do's and Don'ts

Do buy your Vitamix at Costco.  If you go on weekends there is usually a demonstration going on.

Don't be afraid to use it and try new things.  It can be intimidating, but don't let it be.

Do plan your recipes.  If you don't,  you will constantly be running to the grocery store.

Don't think you will save money by making smoothies.  It's expensive to eat healthy.

Do check Pinterest for Vitamix recipes.  They are all over the place.

Don't forget to get creative and make your own recipes!

Do add flax seed, protein powder, almond butter, kale, or spinach to your smoothies.  Usually the taste of those is overpowered by the fruit.

Don't forget that certain Vitamix blenders will heat your soup.  I personally don't think it heats enough though, so I pop mine in the microwave.

Do clean your Vitamix by filling 1/2 the way with water and two squirts of dishwashing liquid.  Put it on the high setting.  This will not remove almond butter btw.  That will take some scrubbing.

Don't forget to use your Vitamix.  Leave it on your counter.  If you put it away, chances are you won't use it!

Hope you enjoy your new little toy!

Have a great day y'all!

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