Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fun Chores for Kids!

When my kids were little, I was the worst at assigning chores.
I was one of those moms who would rather just "getterdun" than fight the battle.
Looking back, I believe that teaches your kids to be spoiled and that momma will do everything for you. With that being said, My kids ARE NOT spoiled. (I really got lucky)
But, since I'm now a grandmother, I know everything right?  Actually that is right :)

So, when I was in Birmingham last week, Jordan left Cate and Bennett with me for the morning.
While I was folding 5 loads of clothes. (what the what BTW)
I decided to put them to work.

Now, being 2 and 3 1/2 I couldn't really insist on manual labor like cutting the grass, painting the deck, or even steam cleaning the carpet.
But, I knew i had an edge with Bennett because he's almost 4...and he's motivated.
With money.
Enter pic
those are dollar bills billowing out of his trousers (to make him behave)
So, I started with Bennett.
The thing with a four year old is that they have no clue how much 1 dollar is.  All they know is that it's money.  And money motivates him. (must be his accountant father)
1st, he emptied all the trash cans in the house.  (these were dirty diapers BTW)
Then came picking up his books and toys off the floor.
Then vacuuming.
I was getting to washing the windows but couldn't find any Windex.
Cate was another story.
I tried to teach her how to sweep, but being 2 she just couldn't grasp the concept.

Anyway, by the time J got home from the gym, the clothes were folded, put up, dishes were clean and the house was straight!!!

So, here are some tips to start your kids off right (by helping that is)
Let me digress......
The Internet and texting is a HUGE HUGE HUGE waste of time when you need to do your chores.  My humble opinion is to put the phone in a cabinet, the computer where you can't find it and ONLY use it when you get your chores done.
Not only that y'all, what does it tell your kids when you are texting or on the phone or internet constantly.  I'll tell you what it tells them....that those devises are more important than they are.
Say what you will, but it is a form of rejection. period.
When mine were little we were connected to a phone cord (geez, can you remember that?) so that was even a more time buster.  I do believe though that texting not only is a waste of time, but you just don't get the social interaction that you get by talking one on one.
Take 30 min. and spend texting or Internet and make your time more useful.
Also, use the time that your kids are napping/resting to get your chores done.

Now, a few tips from and old grandma.

1) pay them.  Not much, because they really don't know a penny from a dollar.  And make them put it in an electronic piggy bank so they can see how much they save!
2) have them pick out something they really want so they can save that money for a special treat!
3) MAKE A CHART AND STICK WITH IT.  Y'ALL...SO IMPORTANT.  Not only for behavioral issues, but to empower them to do their best and to behave.  DO NOT be afraid to remove that sticker either!
4) Choose chores that are age appropriate.  Sweeping for a 2 or 3 year old will probably cause more mess and possibly break things in the meantime.
5)  Be Patient.  period.
6) teach them how to do the chore before they do it.
7) help them stay on task.  Teach them to not get distracted.
8)  Give away items that they don't use anymore.  Teach them the importance of giving to another child in need.  This is a huge learning process for your child and develops a giving soul
9)  Probably not a good idea to teach a child at a young age to fold clothes.
10) but, you CAN teach them to neatly put them in their drawers!!!
Good luck!

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