Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and My Mom....

Easter makes me happy and sad.
Happy because it's such a beautiful holiday full of joy.
Sad because it was my mom's favorite holiday and she is not here with us to enjoy it.

You see. Her passion was making beautiful French hand-sewn outfits.
She had 14 grandchildren.  7 girls, 7 boys.
Every single year they had their own handmade outfit made especially for them by their Gammy.
She would plan these outfits out starting in the summer and work on all of them throughout the year.
Also, y'all, a French hand-made dress is not cheap.  She never, ever asked for a penny for the fabrics. 
It is just what she loved to do!
After church on Easter Sunday, we would all parade ourselves up to The Club in Birmingham.
I wish you could have heard the comments that people would say.
Sadly I don't have many of the pictures on my computer of all of the grand kids.
But, that was before the digital age.

But, you get the idea!

How I miss her!
Have a beautiful Easter Sunday y'all!

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