Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Lion King! A Must See...

Last night "W" took me to see The Lion King here at the Fox in Atlanta.
If you can go and can swing the now ridiculous prices that StubHub is asking, you should.
I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed.

First, Brown Lindiwe Mkhize, who plays Rafiki is reason enough to drop a couple of hundred dollars.
I honestly can't say that I have ever seen a performer on stage who sings with such passion and depth.
She is loud.  She is unique.  She is authentic.
She is quite simply AMAZING.

Another actor that I noted was Nick Cordileone.
He plays Timon the hilarious muskrat.  If anyone can enlighten me if he is actually a ventriloquist I would appreciate it!  He was just so entertaining and captivating!

Now, things to know.
The Fox stage seems to be smaller than most NY stages.  I may be wrong about that because believe me, I'm no expert, but it just seemed like that.
The acoustics aren't exactly as good as a NY stage either.
Just my humble opinion.
But, as far as the show goes?
No different than the NY show and the costumes.  Y'all.  My word.

So proud that I live in a city that offers this type of entertainment.

If you want to give your friend/spouse/significant other a wonderful gift, take him/her to see

The Lion King

BTW!  Scott Antique Market is just AWESOME this month!  Get out and enjoy this wonderful weather and come see me!!!
South Building, K-8
Have a beautiful day y'all!

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