Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Here We Go!!!

Okay, in my never ending attempt to "make a better mousetrap" I got busy this morning on this cute little thing for my g-baby girls.

This pattern that I used to make some adorable little outfits for them included a "kerchief".  Now, not really knowing if Evers or Cate would wear these I told both of them they needed to be my models.
It worked!
They wore them to Vacation Bible Study!
or, as Ever's likes to call it
(she's so cool)

Now. This particular pattern has the conventional tie to tie the kerchief.
I decided for a kid this probably wasn't the most practical way to keep that sucker on.

Enter....the better mouse trap.

or the "Kerchief" headband.

Easy/breezy.  y'all.  I'm serious.

This is what cha do:

make a pattern.

that's pretty self explanatory

cut out the pattern and put right sides together (2 pieces)

starting at the middle of the bottom, stitch with a 1/4 seam allowance

when you get to the sides, leave an opening on that little squared off part (as shown)

clip the top of that triangle

when you get back to where you started leave about 1" opening for turning

using your turner, turn right side out
(my camera strap got in the way)
be sure and clean poke the points being sure you do not poke through the fabric.

press really well (those are steam spots that went away)

now sew about 3/4" seam on the bottom edge

like this!

and run a cheap Dollar General headband through the casing

I used sister as a model

aren't these cute?  and perfect for that child with unruly summer hair!
Also, sister advised me to leave the cased opening free (I was going to glue it) but if you leave it free it's perfect if you break the cheapo headband.

Jordan will now monogram the back of this little kerchief!

This took about 1/2 of a yard of fabric but you can get about 3 out of that.

have a fun day y'all!!!

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  1. Yall crack me up!! Do you remember Dale Kennington? (Not sure I got the first name right) Very pretty girl, she wore the bandanas and always looked great.