Friday, June 20, 2014

Hey There!

Just checkin in!
Gosh where in the where have I been?
Man alive.
"W" and I went to B'ham for Father's Day weekend...last Friday.
The plan was J and the kiddos were going to come back to Atlanta with us for the week.
J looked at me on Saturday and said "mom, really, why don't you just stay here for the week".  
Well, it sorta went like that.  The truth of the matter was that I put a few of my paintings on Mountain Brook Trading on Facebook.  ahem, the like greatest thing to sell your stuff on the Internet.  Well, these were pieces that I had painted to go in Ever's room that just didn't look quite right.
Well....long story, and please trust me, I'm not complaining (or bragging) but I ended up painting well, lets just say the commissions were in the double digits.
I went to the paint store, bought all new stuff and worked my butt off.  
I also wanted to stay and go to a fundraiser for a dear artist friend of mine from Birmingham, Sally Waldrop Powell who is battling ovarian cancer.  It was such a beautiful event and successful as well.
So, so glad I decided to stay and go.  When you see a friend tear up when they see you.  WOW.  just wow.

so.  J, the kiddos and I hopped in the car and drove back to Atlanta last night. whew.  I really don't know when I've been that tired.
My one month check up.
I would be lying if I didn't say I was a bit nervous.
You know, those x-ray techs are all "oh, I love your pants and your shoes" and all, and then you are lying on the x-ray table and they're looking at the x-rays talking all happy and all and then everything gets quiet.
Oh, believe me.  I was certain....absolutely certain that I had bone cancer.  I knew I did because I knew that those x-ray technicians could diagnose that.
Then when she let me out she just wasn't quite as chatty chatty as before.  She knew something.
Something really, really bad.
In comes the Doctor.  Well, actually she's the Physician's Assistant.
and no, I do not have bone cancer.
and yes, this is a picture of my 40,000.00 some odd dollar brand new hip.
I could have had a brand new car.
She goes, "Kendall, really?  how in the world were you walking?"  "Your hip was completely cracked in half".  And to think that I played tennis twice after my original pain started.  duh.
Then she proceeded to tell me that Dr. Bradbury (lovingly nicknamed Dr. Burberry by me) was so amazed that he had to take pictures.
Oh, great.  I can just see my surgeon in the middle of surgery..."OH WAIT! let me get my iPhone out and take pics of this"!  Wonder if he Instagramed me to all his Dr. buddies? I must have been quite the spectacle.
So...what did I do to celebrate?
I did what any 54 year old all-American woman WOULD do!!!
I drove through McDonalds and got me a hamburger/med. fries/and a large diet coke.
now. I am really, really, really on the road to recovery.
There ain't nothin I can't do!

by the way.  If any of you know of anyone who is having hip replacement.  Hobble over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and get this...
have a wonderful day guys!!!

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  1. So glad you are doing better, but boy that's a lot of pain for 40,000!!