Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What Up???

What up, girls? (and guys)?

It has been one week since I blogged.  Really?  wow.
Truth is, I really haven't had much to say.
I haven't even pulled out my big camera since I got here!
I have tons of blog ideas (one is a fabulous interior designer) but haven't gotten anything together.

So, how's my fake hip?

Well.  You just can't keep a kray-kray woman down.

I am seriously walking all by myself!
With out the help of a cane or a walker.

Started yesterday.  Hardly any pain and very, very mobile.
10 days after Total Hip Replacement!

now. I'm not going to be getting back on the tennis court any time soon, but I do think I will have to send the nurse that told my sister I would never play tennis again a video of me playing when I do.
Because I will be back.  Rest assured.

I am obsessed with this new old design to keep hair out of your face.
I am perfecting this design today to make it easier for kids to wear.

My precious Evers.

I am going to make these into a headband by making a casing and running a covered headband through it.  Then J is going to monogram the tail of it.  Cute huh?
I think so!
I will do a little tutorial later today.

FYI,  if your 5 yr. old refuses to wear it just tell her that you need for her to model your new design. ;)

have a wonderful day y'all!

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