Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Beautiful Life!

This week I have been in Birmingham all week helping hindering my daughter with her children.
  Just kidding with the hindering part...I think.

I was going to come over while her hubs was on a long business trip to help.
I ended up scheduling four back to back 3 hour art classes.

So, not sure how much of a help I have been.

I found out about a month ago that my high school best friend's mom was in the hospital at UAB.

I had the honor of going and visiting her.

As I sat there with her and her oldest son (and Becky's older brother) I literally watched 43 years of my life flash before my eyes.
as I was fighting back the tears that were welling up in my eyes,
all I could think was what a wonderful life this woman has had.
Her crop is full.
She has done her job well.
Now it is time for others to take care of her.

I thought about her and her 4 grown children and 1 angel in Heaven.
This woman didn't just raise her kids, she raised them well.
and yes, there is a difference.
She nurtured them to be kind, loving, souls.
The kind that take care of one another, the kind that are there for others.
She is what I like to call " a doer in life"

Don and I tried to count how many great grandchildren she has.  I think we hit a wall at 20.
And y'all, all of her grand kids are unbelievably successful.
I mean like off the charts successful!
It really blows my mind.

Like Becky was, this woman is so humble.
She doesn't have a clue that she has meant so much to those around her.

Mrs. Sollie was like a second mother to me.
Honestly, besides my parents, she was the one single soul who inspired my creativity and I just don't think I can ever thank her enough!
She understood my goal and she helped nurture it.
In a society where I could have followed a traditional route, she helped me follow my dream.

I don't think anyone in my life has ever done that to the degree that this woman did.

I just want to send a Get Well Wish to this precious woman in my life!

I love you Mrs. Sollie and I know you will kick this!!!


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