Thursday, September 25, 2014

Accessorizing Your Wardrobe!

So, if you're like me, black is the easiest thing to wear.
I'm really bad about doing a black top and black pants.
Don't tell but sometimes I wear my pajama pants
or yoga pants.
no I'm serious. Like to functions and art shows....

but really.  don't tell.

I also dress easy by wearing blue jeans and a white collared shirt.

I just call it "Easy dressing"

So.  What do you do to dress up those black pajama pants?

You accessorize!

I scoured my favorite shoppes this a.m. for some great new accessories!

Here we go!

#1 - Anthropologie

love this!

#2 - Alexis Bittar at Niemans

#3 - Stones by Cheri Coyle
(this is my sweet friend Cheri's line of jewelry! Amazing!)

Get out and enjoy this fabulous weather y'all!!!

1 comment:

  1. You'll have to check out Noonday Collection!! A friend of mine here in Cali has started selling, and I've become a huge fan b/c it a fair trade business where your purchases really impact a family in an improvised community. (you've probably seen my instagram pics :)
    Go to : and watch the video if you have a tissue handy.

    They have a necklace like one you've got pictured made from water buffalo horns:

    And some gold octagonal earrings as well: