Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What to Wear to an Alabama Game....

I know I'm going to sound like a snob here so bear with me on this.
My hubs and I are huge Alabama fans.
Roll Tide y'all.

We have been HUGE fans all our lives.
We have also seen the transition from classy dressing to just down right red neck.
And this weekend was no exception (to the red neck part)
I'm serious.
I was just amazed at what people wore to the game this past weekend.
Gone are the days where classy dressing was the norm.
One of the favorite pastimes for the girls who went to Alabama games was watching what everyone was wearing.
It was truly like watching a fashion show!

This weekend? all.

I saw one lady who was oh about my age wearing white cutoff overalls (I mean that went up wayyyyy to short.  I mean like um wayyyyyy up there).  She was sporting cowboy boots, bleached blonde hair with about 2" grow out, a long sleeved red shirt, and a houndstooth handbag.
Made Alabama so proud
I'm sorry, but I stared.  I'll admit.

Others included girls busting out of their low-cut houndstooth tight tanks with cut offs and cowboy boots.
over permed hair.

Girls.  come on.

Please know that I don't really mean to be judgmental here, I just miss the classy dressing of the past!
usually most of these girls that I saw were staggering through the stadium after a few too many beers.
So.  In hopes that some of the ladies I saw might run across my blog (I highly doubt it) I'm going to make a few suggestions.

First.  If you are going to wear hounds tooth, please, I mean PALEASE do not wear head to toe hounds tooth.  Even the hounds tooth handbag makes most cringe.  Let's work towards a subtle display of wearable support of our team.

I went to my favorite site Niemans for suggestions.

I LOVE this dress and I think I'm getting it for my next game.

funny story here.  My friend Kathy and I were getting ready for the Alabama - Georgia game years ago.  She was wearing a cashmere dress very similar to this one.  The tag was attached under the arm.  So I got my scissors and cut the tag off.  Unfortunately I cut a tad bit too close to the fabric.  ZING that thing started unraveling and we couldn't get it to stop.  OMG I felt SO bad!!! I quickly tried to stitch it up.  Don't think she ever wore that again!

and this is from Zappos
made it in my bag

look.  I'm not being a fuddy duddy, I'm just trying to keep it classy y'all!

and PLEASE don't show up to a game looking like this....

I honestly don't have the words....

ya'll have a great day!!!

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  1. You are so funny. We are going to a Carolina game this weekend and like you, my favorite part is watching the fashions. I'll let you know the styles. Chic, gorgeous and sophisticated looks - love the dress you bought!! Happy weekend and we'll get to work on your post - excited to do it!