Monday, September 29, 2014

How To Cook Brussels Sprouts.

Y'all.  I know that a lot of folks can't stand Brussels sprouts.  I'm not one of them.  I LOVE them.
My husband gags at the thought of them.  Not to mention when he comes in from a 7 mile run and I've got them cooking.
Sorry honey!
BTW.  SO proud of him!
"W", Callen and Houston will be running in a half marathon in New Orleans the end of October.
Wish I could run it too, but my Orthopaedic surgeon told me that "Frannie" and I (my new hip) will never run.
(not that I ever did)

So, here we go with my favorite recipe for this yummy vege!
and what is Fall without Brussels Sprouts?

Cook up some fresh Brussels sprouts.  (Boil for about 8 minutes)

Chop a couple of green onions and smash a clove of garlic

Saute' the garlic in about 2 T. of really good EVOO

add the chopped onion and let it cook slightly

add the Brussels sprouts

let them cook about 5 min.
 Can't you smell them through the computer?

add a little balsamic vinegar

and some lemon juice

while cooking, chop them in half.
Then add some sea salt flakes

My mouth is watering.

Serve with Greek Snapper and brown rice.
(I promise I did not eat that entire plate of food)

Have a great day y'all!

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