Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bootie "licious"....

I love a good bootie.
Probably because I have one....not a good one mind you, just very, very large one....packed with cellulite and stuff. ewe.

Anyway, yesterday I had the honor of being asked to have my photo taken for a popular Buckhead magazine to promote an upcoming art show that again....I am honored to be a part of!  It will be in October at ADAC.  More on that to come soon.
Well, it wasn't just me who had my pic made, it was six extremely well known artists from Atlanta.  All of us together.  Again, SO honored!

Check out that amazing sculpture.

Anyway, all these friends wanted to know about my boots.
I bought these last year at Anthropologie.
And, I never wore them for some stupid reason.

Anyway, decided I need another pair this fall.  So of course I had to do a lil cyber shoppin this a.m.

here we go!
This is the bootie I was wearing.
They are on Ebay right now.  Size 7. The brand is Bed Stu.


I'm getting these.  LOVE.
Frye - Zappos


Bed Stu

Bed Stu


Saks.  thinking these may make the bag too.  Love the zip back.

oh be still my heart...Amazon Bed Stu

I would never. ever. ever in a million years monogram my uggs....ever.


Tory Burch and they are named Kendall!!!! what a coincidence!

and, again, be still my Christian Louboutin lovin heart

I'm definitely getting these.  Anthropologie.

Have a great day y'all!

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  1. What a beautiful picture!! How exciting to be in the Buckhead magazine and love your boots!!