Monday, September 8, 2014

A Perfect Little Bridal Shower!

Yesterday, I had the honour of helping host a beautiful shower for my BFF's daughter Brooke.
Now.  Connie, (Brooke's mom) was the first friend I made when I moved to Nashville about 21 years ago.  We are truly soul mates in every sense of the word.  It's funny, we are so different in so many ways but we think so much alike and have such similar taste.  We can usually finish each other's sentences.  We even buy the same clothes and shoes (and especially the same sunglasses) (without knowing the other did)! She has been there for me in every step of my life since that day I met her 21 years ago.
I simply love her and her family more than words can express. would only be fitting that I was able to help hostess a wedding shower for her precious Brooke!
and precious she is.
Smart, beautiful, fun, loving.
Connie and Bill have raised her up right!

I LOVE this pic!!!  This is Brooke, her grandmother, her aunt, and Connie.

I have a feeling Brooke's grandmother is saying "the big day is almost here!!!!

Linda put together this BEAUTIFUL mimosa bar.
Pineapple, cranberry, and orange juice.
with little fruit accompaniments.
Y'all, these were SO good!!!
This is beautiful Linda with the MOB

Barbara couldn't decide what pearls to wear.

Brooke's new mother in law.  We all just LOVE her!!!!

Beautiful mom and daughter!!!


yes, trying to get everyone together for a know how it is!

there we go!

To Brooke and Ross...
May you have the best wedding ever! And may God bless you with the most precious life together!!!!
I love you two!



  1. What a stunning bride to be! That blue dress is amazing!

  2. Beautiful & Awesome!! Congratulations Brooke & Ross!! Congratulations Connie & Bill!! WOW!! Time flies way too fast! Love & miss you bunches. xoxo :D

  3. What a beautiful shower! I am so stealing that mimosa bar idea. xo Kristy