Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Letter to Jameis Winston....

First of all Jameis, this is for you.

Second, you are a fool my dear.

A really, really, big fool.

now, let me continue my rant for a moment.

I am personally sick and tired of football players getting away with bad behavior.
As a woman, and a mother and grandmother of girls, I am simply appalled that someone (just because of his football status) has been allowed to treat and mock women the way this kid has.

And Florida State...and Jimbo Fisher?
"YOU have disappointed me"
Because I feel like you should have sat his tail (strapped to the bench), and made him sit there in a suit.
Instead, you let him jump up and down in a pair of sweat pants, a baseball cap and a big gold chain jumping up and down like he is Florida State's biggest fan.
ALL for the media attention.
Yep.  That's what I believe that was.
His own little antics.
I thought it was laughable and he didn't fool me for a minute.

When are we as a society going to get a clue and not allow this type of behavior to continue?

Jameis Winston is a train wreck, and you can't tell me that this little slap on the hand is going to keep him from continuing with his behavior.

Shame on you Jameis Winston.
Shame on you and shame on Florida State.
my. rant.

Have a great day y'all.

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