Saturday, February 13, 2010

Been bowling lately????

We are at this wonderful place called St. Simons Island. This is the first time Mr. W and I have been here and are guests of two of our best friends Cindy and Sykes Sturdivant who own the King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort. Let me tell you. This place is B-utiful!!! Larry and Kathy fun Acardi are also here!.
Here to play golf. Now, every time Cindy and I try to play golf somewhere, it rains. And I'm not talkin sprinkles, I mean a monsoon. So why would I expect any different for this trip???
Most of the south has been COVERED in snow. Not here, just rain, cold, wind. The high here is usually 67 for this time of year. Right now, we're checkin in at 37. So yesterday we went bowling......
This is kinda how it went......

First gutter ball...
then Sykes got a strike!
and did a dance
and I had to act like a pro and put my hand on that little air thingy
and gotta strike!
and did a happy dance...sort of
and then there's Mr. W the pro....{who I beat by the way}
OMG what did that ball do?????? (it was the balls fault)
Great pic of Kathy and Larry huh????
....and we had an audience
Cindoo got a hold of the ball for a strike!
and that was The End


  1. i would like to know what mr. w stands for...could it be "mr. Worlds scariest dad when you sneak out of the house"?

  2. hahaha!! you so funny! It's Mr. Wunderful