Monday, February 1, 2010

A Late Afternoon Delight!

Okay, the UPS man came just in time for me to whip up this.....

a [very] late afternoon delight!

no, it's not what you're thinking....

SO,,, why you ask does the UPS man have anything to do with my Molten Chocolate Cake????

It's not my recipe. it came from......OHHH NO!....A BAG!

which Williams-Sonoma used to sell - BUT noooo more....So, my friend Cindy found it at the Williams-Sonoma outlet and mailed a bag to me. Thank you Cindy loo hoo!
Here's how it went.....

I'm already salivating

It's just this easy!

I put more in my RED ramekins than called for, but it just made it better!!

Getting ready for me, my sweet yummie Molten Chocolate Cake, oh, I love you so!

To top it off.....

Now chickies, go eat yourself some Molten Chocolate Cake!!!


  1. YUMMY - that cake looks delish!!!! But where oh where did that "heart" diet coke come from - I am a diet coke fanatic - it's all I drink and I haven't seen those anywhere!!!! LOVE.THEM!!!!

  2. Thanks Kellie! The diet coke is one Mr. Wonderful had specially made for me. Hahah! just kidding! It came from Publix!
    Have a wonderful day!