Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So Excited to Announce....

I'm having my first Solo Art Show!!!!
yep, it will be Friday, March 12th at The South Warehouse
Jackson, Mississippi!
more info later, but in the meantime, these are the first two pieces I created especially for this event

"Lake Trees"
36 x 60
Price upon request

"The Lonely Tree"
30 x 40
Price upon request


  1. Kendall, I found your through Darby's blog. I want you to know I absolutely LOVE your art! One day, I will save enough to purchase one of your angels pieces! :)

    I am about to put your work on my bog for today, I hope that's okay! I am linking to your site...

  2. What a sweetheart you are! Thank you so much! I would be delighted to be on your blog!

  3. I have a young family (finishing his orthopedic residency) in Jackson, MS and I will forward this to them! CONGRATS!!!!!

  4. Liking what I see KENDOO....oNLY 28 more to go!!! LOL....You go girl...So excited to have your work shown in Ms and finally get you to my state...How lucky we are!!

  5. Kendall we are so excited!! The South is beautiful. We will be there!!