Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I LOVE RED!!! {total randomness} and Art of Oconee

Things I love in RED!!!!

wait! first things first! my favorite little thing in red

then, my red sink

my little red dress

red tomato juice

my red timer

red washer and dryer

the bottom of my favorite boots

the knobs on my range

my favorite cookbook by good friend Martha Foose aka. Fooseball
my red hair comb (would be the first thing I took if we had a fire)

a red raspberry

and finally my favorite red...
A good bottle of cab

What do you like in RED Chickies?

Art of Oconee....

I want to tell you about this wonderful group of artists that I'm involved with out here at Lake Oconee. This is a group of 14 that got together and started an art gallery! There are extremely talented artist involved and I am SO proud to be a part of this wonderful group. We have our own blog too! So please visit!


  1. I agree about Art of Oconee (even if I do have work there!). Great art, dedicated artists working hard to make this THE gallery at Lake Oconee and BEYOND!

  2. Love the red sole shoes (would those be Louboutin???) and the red sink :) Also love the red in the painting of the Clark girls :) Love red in Samford Univ. colors....because without SU I would not have had the wonderful life I've had AND I am about to have!! (Lynn being my friend, marrying you, which is how I know you...and now YOU being the connection to the rest of my life :)) I love red :)

  3. p.s. I DO love the red in the first picture also!! :))))))