Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Chicken and Rice Soup

As promised I made My Chicken and Rice Soup tonight!!! OH yummerlicious. And oh so soothing to those of you a little under the weather. So this is especially for my friend Elizabeth. I wish I could bring you a bowl!! Even if you're not under the weather, it's one of those comfort foods that my fam can't live without! Here's how it goes.....and here's a picture of Elizabeth!
idn't she cute!

Boil a whole chicken (about 1 1/2 hours). DO NOT take the skin off. This is what makes it GOOOOOOD!

After it's good-n-dun, de-bone the chicken. (now you can take the skin off)
don't shred the chicken, that makes for a cloudy soup
*****Note....be sure to leave the fat IN the broth. This is what makes the soup good. I know, I know you health nuts out there....but seriously you can handle it for one day!

add about a tablespoon of thyme and salt and pepper to taste

Then add a small bag of carrots, you know those kind that are in the pre-cut veggi isle.

Let that boil until those carrots are tender.

Then add about 1/2 of a small bag of rice.
you may need to add a little water right now and a little more salt and pepper

Let it boil until the rice is done.
about half way through throw that chicken back in
Like I said "yummerlicious"!
Enjoy Chickies hahaha!!!


  1. HUMMMMM....think you could make me a book of your recipe's?????? :))))) Gotta get back to cookin'!!:):) I need to start making "meal plans" :) Looking forward to fattening up KC :)) That soup looks YUMMY....and easy...

  2. that looks delish, i am totally making that this weekend! thanks so much for sharing :)