Saturday, February 20, 2010

Headed here:

For a little "Paradise" with Mr. W. (who turns into Mr. Grouchy (Mr. G) when we fly) I'll keep you posted! Okay, we got upgraded (thank goodness, now he's back to Mr. W.) update: Delta lost Mr. "G"s luggage. Now tell me this. How the heck do you lose luggage on a one way flight? He got it last night at 11:00. Boy was he MAD!!!!
This is where we are:

And this is what I'm buying when I win at black jack.....oh be still my Valentino lovin heart. update....which I lost at last night......I'm thinkin those Valentino stacks may not see my feet.....NO I'm going to have positive vibes!!!

I'm lusting over these too.....think I'll have to move to the craps table tonight....

Thought you might like to see the boat that Mr. W wants. Told him he needs to make just a little more money and we would have to change the name to:

I'm kinda thinkin I like this one better.
Mr. W hates to have his picture made but I snapped this up fast!

then a nice lady snapped our pic. We are such the tourists!!! (only thing missing is the tall white socks and a polaroid around my neck...I am however sporting a fake tan (shuuuuuu don't tell!)

Have a great day chickies!!! I'm gonna get some sunnnnnnnnn!
ummmmm Okay, today is Monday and it's pouring outside. yuckkkyyyyy. We're catching an early flight out to go endure worse weather back in Georgia. Smart huh? (side bar.....won't be getting the Valentinos OR the Louboutins...or any other shoes anytime soon. The casino made sure those shoes were not for me!)


  1. Kendall! I don't know what's more fabulous. You. Where you are, currently. Or those SHOES!!! Oh my gosh your posts are just to DIE for. Hope you're having a fab time!

  2. p.s. - i did my beautiful blogger duties! check them out!

  3. Kendall and "Mr.W"..hope you are having a honeymooner type vacation together :)) Look forward to seeing you in 3 weeks and 5 days!! A