Friday, February 26, 2010

Watercolor, Tennis, and A Solo Show

I'm down at the beach. The beach being Watercolor. I'm doing the design work on a house down here and we are on the verge of being finished so I came on down to check it out!!!! This is the sunrise I awoke to this morning! WOW

And here are some pics of the house.....

......I'm also here playing tennis with some fun Mississippi chickies!
......and getting a few lessons from these gurls.

I have to mention my SOLO SHOW though. (did that rhyme???) Anyway. While I'm down here doing this.....I should be home painting. I will be doing a SOLO SHOW in Jackson, Mississippi, Friday, March 12th at the The South Warehouse from 5 - 8 p.m. I said....I should be home painting...but no, I'd rather play. I will have 30 pieces on display to ponder and purchase that night and then they will be displaying my paintings for purchase for a period of time. The show is open to the public and beer and wine will be served. To say I'm honored to be asked to do my first solo show here is an understatement. This place is AWESOME!!! Anyone in the Jackson area, please come by and say hello!!!

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  1. Hey Kendall! I actually live in Jackson! I would love to come by and meet you in person! Lets see if I can get a babysitter...