Monday, March 12, 2012

I Wanna Go to Napa

Me. Here. Now.
my favorite hotel in the whole wide world
The Auberge du Soleil in Napa.
I wanna be there right now.

I wanna do this while I'm out there

I wanna be in this little number crusin through the grape vines.

where do you wanna be?
have a great day y'all!


  1. Sweet friend- Know your heart and your hard working giving nature but others may misunderstand. When you say you" deserve it" that sounds well........ spoiled, not humble. To many your house,personal assistant and life alone seems like a dream they could never obtain. I know that it all has come from hard work and again I am not being critical but feeling protective of you.
    I know you were daydreaming this am. On my Pinterest account I have a whole board of where i wish I could be. Here are a few places for you to dream about- Just many pages of beautiful places to look at.
    Hope you take this in the nice manner to which I meant this.
    Daydream or book a trip. Stress relief is healthy! You have certainly been a busy lady since Christmas.

    1. I could not agree more. Thank you for calling me out on it. Just dreamin!!!

  2. I think you were just giving" W " a BIG hint!!!Playing golf in Napa amongst the grapes is fabulous. Hope he get's the hint and takes the both of you...Have a great day, Kendoo...P.S. BTW..When did you get a personal assistant?? Anonymous must not know you very well and know how hard you really work...Is this person really a "FRIEND"? Come out, come out whoever you are Anonymous!!! ; )

  3. Kendall, I like your dream vacation. Keep dreaming that's what makes us goal oriented and interesting. There is just one flaw in the pictures above. I live in Texas and my grapevines are bare right now so wait until May and those wonderful vineyards will look just like the beautiful pictures you see. I love vineyards so much they look so peaceful. After visiting one, I came home and planted a mini one in my backyard. Vineyards definitely inspire our artistic nature, maybe it is the symmetry, all that green and purple. Or maybe it's the wine! Keep dreaming!

  4. Sorry Cindyboo22 you feel the need to attack me. I have nothing but best wishes for Kendall and I had hoped that had I expressed myself in that manner above. As you said not everyone knows her like you feel you do and I wanted to protect her and how she came across to someone who did not know her well. Personal assistant....... she blogged about her. Still have her, I have no idea as we don't even live in the same state anymore. Kendall is absolutely one of the most talented people I know and i am always so impressed with her energy and hard work. As for the Anonymous, Kendall and I blog commented on it long ago and as to its origin for me....... a novice to blog, web, internet world and then remained a habit. She said she understood. Found I liked it almost like a secret sister. While I may point out something that I feel hurts how someone comes across, I never use anonymous to hide behind to be mean. If Kendall is offended by me she can say so and I will never post again or if she says she needs to know who I am I will email her. I believe she said she could not agree more, removed those 2 words from her blog and thanked me for calling her out. BUT, if I offended her in anyway I would be glad to apologize without hesitation and immediately!!!!